The stratigraphic relationship between the Shuram carbon isotope excursion, the oxygenation of Neoproterozoic oceans, and the first appearance of the Ediacara biota and bilaterian trace fossils in northwestern Canada

Macdonald, Francis A, Justin V Strauss, Erik A Sperling, Galen P Halverson, Guy M Narbonne, David T Johnston, Marcus Kunzmann, Daniel P Schrag, and John A Higgins. 2013. The Stratigraphic Relationship Between The Shuram Carbon Isotope Excursion, The Oxygenation Of Neoproterozoic Oceans, And The First Appearance Of The Ediacara Biota And Bilaterian Trace Fossils In Northwestern Canada. Chemical Geology 362. Chemical Geology: 250 - 272. doi: