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High-precision 41K/39K measurements by {MC}-{ICP}-{MS} indicate terrestrial variability of $\updelta$41K

Morgan, Leah E, Danielle PSantiag Ramos, Brett Davidheiser-Kroll, John Faithfull, Nicholas S Lloyd, Rob M Ellam, and John A Higgins. 2018. High-Precision 41K/39K Measurements By {Mc}-{Icp}-{Ms} Indicate Terrestrial Variability Of $\updelta$41K. Journal Of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry 33. Journal Of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry: 175–186. doi:10.1039/c7ja00257b.

Stratigraphic expression of Earth's deepest δ13C excursion in the Wonoka Formation of South Australia

Husson, Jonathan M, Adam C Maloof, B. Schoene, C. Y Chen, and John A Higgins. 2015. Stratigraphic Expression Of Earth's Deepest Δ13C Excursion In The Wonoka Formation Of South Australia. American Journal Of Science 315 (1). American Journal Of Science: 1 - 45. doi:

Atmospheric composition 1 million years ago from blue ice in the Allan Hills, Antarctica

Higgins, John A, Andrei V Kurbatov, Nicole E Spaulding, Ed Brook, Douglas S Introne, Laura M Chimiak, Yuzhen Yan, Paul A Mayewski, and Michael L Bender. 2015. Atmospheric Composition 1 Million Years Ago From Blue Ice In The Allan Hills, Antarctica. Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences. Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences. doi:

Climate archives from 90-250 ka in horizontal and vertical ice cores from the Allan Hills Blue Ice Area, Antarctica

Spaulding, Nicole E, John A Higgins, Andrei V Kurbatov, Michael L Bender, Steven A Arcone, Seth Campbell, Nelia W Dunbar, Laura M Chimiak, Douglas S Introne, and Paul A Mayewski. 2013. Climate Archives From 90-250 Ka In Horizontal And Vertical Ice Cores From The Allan Hills Blue Ice Area, Antarctica. Quaternary Research 80. Quaternary Research: 562 - 574. doi:

Records of Neogene seawater chemistry and diagenesis in deep-sea carbonate sediments and pore fluids

Higgins, John A, and Daniel P Schrag. 2012. Records Of Neogene Seawater Chemistry And Diagenesis In Deep-Sea Carbonate Sediments And Pore Fluids. Earth And Planetary Science Letters 357 - 358. Earth And Planetary Science Letters: 386 - 396. doi:

The earliest Cambrian record of animals and ocean geochemical change

Maloof, Adam C, S. M Porter, J. L Moore, F. O Dudas, S. A Bowring, John A Higgins, D. A Fike, and M. P Eddy. 2010. The Earliest Cambrian Record Of Animals And Ocean Geochemical Change. Geological Society Of America Bulletin 122 (11-12). Geological Society Of America Bulletin: 1731 - 1774. doi:

Are basal Ediacaran (635 Ma) post-glacial “cap dolostones” diachronous?

Hoffman, Paul F, Galen P Halverson, Eugene W Domack, Jonathan M Husson, John A Higgins, and Daniel P Schrag. 2007. Are Basal Ediacaran (635 Ma) Post-Glacial “Cap Dolostones” Diachronous?. Earth And Planetary Science Letters 258 (1-2). Earth And Planetary Science Letters: 114 - 131. doi:

The future of the carbon cycle: review, calcification response, ballast and feedback on atmospheric CO2

Barker, S. , John A Higgins, and H. Elderfield. 2003. The Future Of The Carbon Cycle: Review, Calcification Response, Ballast And Feedback On Atmospheric Co2. Philosophical Transactions Of The Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical And Engineering Sciences 361 (1810). Philosophical Transactions Of The Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical And Engineering Sciences: 1977 - 1999. doi:
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